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<b>JONATHAN - RACINE</b> Jonathan's first paid industrial theater gig was performing in (a Ford Lincoln Mercury Car show) Las Vegas when he was 18. <b>AUBREY - NY</b> Aubrey once lived in Florence, Italy. <b>MICHELLE - CHICAGO</b>  Michelle graduated from the University of Illinois and was a gymnast for 12 years. She is a life - long North Side White Sox Fan.

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our mission

Since 1976, Williams/Gerard has been proud to meet the ever-changing communications challenges of our clients with creativity, dedication and integrity.

To us, our clients are our partners and collaborators; as we work together, they become our colleagues and friends. We are passionate about delivering positive, measurable outcomes to client organizations through strategic, innovative solutions.

Our business excites us. We achieve the highest standards of performance while maintaining a sense of responsibility to our clients, to our mission, and to the Williams/Gerard family. Additionally, we are committed to fostering a sense of responsibility to the global community through our work and through our personal endeavors.

We are at your service. We are Williams/Gerard.